Basically, the kids and I are in heaven because my sister is here.   It's hard to sit down and write a blog that describes how much it means to me to have my sister here.   My mom used to say to us when we were trying to kill each other "she's the ONLY sister you're going to have"  and I'm so lucky she's the only one!!!

Yesterday we started off the day with conveyor belt sushi.  Alix got to experience the magic is our old ass navigation in our car not knowing how to get where I needed to go and then google maps being all "uh.  I dunno.  You're in Japan dude"

After lunch Rosie, Alix and I headed to Arimatsu to do shirbori hankerchiefs.   It was a blast.  Alix was super fast at it.  Rosie was slow but got part of it done on her own, and then the old lady who was helping fell in love with her and helped her out. 

Yes, Rosie wore giraffe ears and horns all day.  

After shirbori, we drove through a typhoon and met Isaac at the Aeon.   He got himself all the way from the house, to the train station, 3 stops down and to the mall!!!!   Go Isaac!!!!   I'm so proud of him.  
We had a snack and shopped. 

Some of us were more worn out than others. 

We left the children at home and Alix and I headed out the rain for girls' night out. 

To yamachan!

And then karaoke. 

This morning Tantil, Rosie and I headed to a friend's house to make hair accessories.   Alix was again super fast and super good, but the surprise was how amazing Rosie did on her own for the most part!!!

The finished product. 

Again, some of us are more worn out than others. 

Today's afternoon was a visit to Otsukaya which is 5 floors of fabric and craft items!  Thanks Danielle for the recommendation!

Tanti was in heaven.  
Then we visited Osu Kannon for some kimono shopping.  But we got really hit.  Real feel today was 112.  So we had ice cream on the train like true gaijin. 

We opted for pizza and Moana tonight.  And snuggles.  

So that's what is happening over here.  Basically everyone is Super happy to have Alix here.  Nathaniel is happy too but he is at work.  :(

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