Where Have We Been?


On Thursday Alix and the kids and I took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima.

After we had Mister Donuts of course.

We started our visit with ramen at Ippudo which is a famous ramen chain.

Then we went to the Hiroshima Peace Museum.

I'll spare you more pictures because if you're a regular reader than you've already seen them. However, I find it pertinent to tell you that each time we go I am deeply moved by it. It hasn't lost its feeling for me.

Then we took a stroll through the park. They are gearing up for the 70th annual Peace Ceremony which is dedicated to the victims of the A bomb and sends the message "No More Hiroshimas".

Friday evening we found a hole in the wall oknomiyaki joint and introduced Alix to the Hiroshima specialty.

I wish I could have gotten a video of their automatic beer dispenser thingie. It was so cool. Also our waiter complimented me on my Japanese. BOOM.

On Friday we revisited Pain D'ior which is the bakery we stayed near last time. The kids and I wanted Tanti to eat some delicious baked goods too!

Then we took the street car out to the Miyajima ferry and then took the ferry onto the island.

We spent the early part of the day seeing the town and the shrine.

Ok. Mostly we saw deers.

And a corgi who was carted from photo op to photo op and posed like one would a child.

We loved him.

And this deer, who "can't even"

For lunch we had more oknomiyaki because Alix needs to figure out how to make it.

And then took the rope way up and down again to see the mountain.

We checked into the Kikugawa Guest House which is a traditional Japanese ryokan. It was lovely and if you get the chance to stay overnight on the island I highly recommend. The island empties by 7 when the last ferry leaves and its quiet and peaceful. I let the kids pick our dinner and they chose our favorite bar on the island. What? Your 8 year old and 10 year old don't have a favorite bar???

And I'm glad they picked because Alix and I both enjoyed their special for summer.

There was 3 different kinds of SUPER FRESH sashimi, a kebab with beef and chicken, a pickle plate and rice with anoga (Conger eel) and broth. So amazing.

I also ordered us a sake flight.

Which reaffirmed that I don't like sake.
So I had beer.

The kiss each got a special Miyajima made ginger ale.

And we shared a Miyajima pudding which was custard with Blueberry preserves.

It's a traditional Japanese bar, but we were treated very nicely by the whitest of white guy servers. It was pretty entertaining.

It poured after dinner, so we dashed back to the inn and dropped the children off and picked up umbrellas and headed out to low tide.

On our way back we kissed deer.

And visited the hole of doom.

And saw the largest rice paddle by night.

After a lovey night, we came downstairs and enjoyed breakfast.

Then we came home and met Nathaniel at the train station for lunch and shopping. Tonight we'll eat more. I promise.

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