Explore Japan Sunday (21)!

I'd like to be able to tell you that yesterday was better than Friday, and it was, but really only a little bit.  I managed to feed the kids lunch and even made a simple dinner. Plus the kiddos and I enjoyed some games of Uno.  But it was still like pulling teeth to get me out of, and keep me out of bed.  It helped that Nathaniel came home from Fuji-san and wasn't dead (a fear of mine) however, he was more like the undead. He'd been up for 36 hours and was sunburned and sore.  I'm going to make him write a guest post (ROBERTA. . . PAGING ROBERTA WH OWES ME A GUEST POST) about Fuji because it' s not my story to tell. But not dead is good.


I stayed up late watching my TV shows and enjoying being a lone.


Baxter however was peeved that I wouldn't go to bed. She couldn't hold her ears up by 10 so I went to bed.



Today I still didn't want to get out of bed, but I forced myself too.  I cannot stay in bed.


However, my day took a turn for the worse when we got to Osu Kannon and someone was already wearing the same outfit as me.






I'm pretty funny eh? Also can we talk about how ripped the girl in Green is??? I would seriously wear that outfit every day if I had her abs.



Anyway, needless to say (actually not really needless #becausejapan) the world Cosplay Summit was here in Nagoya this weekend.


We saw a parade, complete with Marching Band.



And then lots of characters.  More so than usual.







Nathaniel was very popular as a photographer!


Pretty sure those guys ^^^ are really army, am I right?




Slutty Picachu, you do you!




These hangover people were HILARIOUS! They were old, drunk and enjoying life!





Check out the horn on this one!

(Ok, really check out her abs again! Clearly these people are not enjoying lunch dessert every day!)



WTF is this????



Actually, I take that back, WTF IS THIS?





This is what my sister should have done with her hair while she was here.





This was my favorite. I have no idea who it is, but I loved him.


We walked to a cafe called "LOVE Pacific Rim" which is locally sources, vegan food.  AND OMG, so good!



On our way home we got to play a rousing game of  "Regular Japan or Cosplay?"



When we got home, I took a little more time for myself in my room. (What Crystal would call "an upstairs day") and tried to work on centering myself.   I game downstairs and we played some family games of Uno again. I'm not gonna lie, this might be my new favorite old game!



Tomorrow we start cleaning up and catching up for our trip on Thursday. We'll get it together.  Ok, I'll get it together. Thanks for sticking with me guys!

3 Replies to “Explore Japan Sunday (21)!”

  1. Pretty sure Green Girl hasn’t had two kids! Besides, all your walking has you pretty buff! Also sure that the skull guy with the claws is Krampus. Apparently he had a layover. Do you know about 4-7-8 breathing? I won’t go into detail because this is a comment but look it up on the interwebs. It helps you center and helps you sleep. Love you and counting the days. Had to put aside kimonos because they’re hard. Hope to have them done by the time we come. I will be sending a box this week.

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