Water Bomb (Bali)

As I mentioned, we spent yesterday at Water Bomb water park, the number 1 water park in Asia! I don't have a ton of pictures because, you know that waterproof camera I have. . . Yeah I didn't think to actually carry it around!

But here is what I do have for your enjoyment

I got to have my first swim up bar experience which was on my bucket list and well worth it!

Nathaniel made me race him down a slide. I'll let you know when I get my swimsuit out of my insides.

Nathaniel however greatly enjoyed the slides and had me take this video of him.

Sorry it's sideways. I got nothing.

We also met the mascots which I think are ducks.

The park itself was beautiful. It was well shaded, beautifully maintained and very well landscaped. There were trees and flowers all over the place so you really felt as though you were in a rainforest! The staff was very nice and it was clean everywhere you went!

Before the park we had lunch at a little place with amazing food on a very busy street. I cannot get used to the driving in Bali and I am very glad that neither Nathaniel nor I have to deal with it. There are about eleventy billion cars and motorbikes and they go very quickly wherever they please! It's very disconcerting to watch.

Anyway, tasty lunch.

After the park we went to A&W because Isaac loves root beer and it's not really a thing in Japan. I also really wanted a hot dog.

Jokes on me (and Rosie). No hot dogs!!!!!!!! But we made it work anyway.

Afterwards we opted to walk back to our hotel so we could do some shopping. This is where things got spotty for me. The sellers are very aggressive. They invite you to look and then really give you the hard sell. I kept inadvertently engaging with them. They say "hello". I say "hello". Next thing you know, you can't leave their shop without buying something. It's so hard for me. I want to buy something from everyone but I just can't and in reality I don't WANT to, but they make me feel guilty. It was really hard for me. You also have to bargain with everyone. This has always made me uncomfortable. I'm the chump who wants to just pay sticker price to avoid the discomfort of bartering back and forth. It's just the way I am. However, we survived and got only what we wanted, mostly thanks to Nathaniel.

My internet here at the Bali safari is spotty so I have to sign off now, but rest assured that as soon as I have better internet you'll hear about how an elephant sneezed on me.

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