Bali Massage

After going down the water slides all day on Friday, this mama needed a massage. Across the street from our hotel was a massage place. Actually, everywhere you look there are massage places. And like the shopping, they stand outside and reel you in.

So the kids went to sleep and I meandered across the street and signed up for a 60 minute hot stone massage because I'm a big spender. 90000 rupees. So $6.74.

You guys. This teeny tiny lady massaged the crap out of me.

It was an amazing massage. It was cool in the room, but not uncomfortable and it was amazing once the hot stones hit my skin. And she was not shy. She touched me all over. And let me tell you, she put hot as hell stones on my butt cheeks and it was amazing.

I've never understood how when I get a massage I lay down and suddenly the person giving the massage has 15 hands. I always wonder how they grow all these arms while my eyes are closed.
She also did this thing where she punched my palms and soles of my feet (not at the same time, she didn't have THAT many arms) and it was amazing.

She also massaged my stomach which I've never had done in the states. It was splendid. I thought it would be weird but once the hot stones hit my pale white belly, I was in heaven.

Thank the dear lord I literally only had to stumble across the street and into bed. And then Nathaniel went for his turn. By the time he came back I was passed out in a puddle of my own drool. Cause I'm klassy.

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