Bali Sightseeing Day 4

Sadly, after 6 am swims (by the kids!) and pool side breakfast from the grocery store, we had to go see more of how beautiful Bali is.


The man who tends to the house (and has for years as is evident by the photos of him giving a bottle to the now owner!) was our driver for the day.


We went to a beautiful ocean side temple.  I found the temple itself to be sort of. . .well underwhelming but the area was *AMAZING*




Again, I LOVE the ocean! It was simply amazing!

Our next stop was also on the ocean. A funny beachside, pirate cafe called "Pirates Cove"

We ate in a giant treehouse!

Then we hiked along the ocean a little bit. We picked up a bit of shells and coral and got our feet wet.

Our last stop for the day was the Turtle Conservation and Education Center.

We helped a baby turtle hatch from the shell!!!!!

We saw all sorts of lovely turtles who had hatched at the conversation and who had been rescued because they were injured!

This little guy was born too early and will stay for a very long time until it is healthy enough to be free.

And then we adopted a turtle!

This is Kameko (turtle child)

And we took him to the beach and set him free.

And then Rosie cried the whole night because she missed him. Seriously. My child.

Again. The area around the conversation was beautiful and there were cows too!

That evening we had pizza by the pool and I had the most amazing massage!

Our last day in Bali the kids and I stayed at the villa and played in the pool and watched Tv and did nothing. It was lovely.


Nathaniel rented a scooter and risked his life to go visit one last temple.

We had on more amazing dinner.

Some of us didn't quite make it through dinner, but at least she was dressed to impress.

And we hopped a 1:30am flight to Seoul and from there, back to Nagoya! It was a very busy, and lovely trip. We are so so lucky to have this opportunity.

Bali Sightseeing Day 3


On our last day in Ubud, we ate breakfast at a cute little "French" Bakery that took forever, and then set off towards the palace. Except, the kids and I would rather see Monkeys than a Palace, so we went towards the palace through the MONKEY FOREST!!!!!!

Where Nathaniel immediately found "his people".






I, on the other hand, behaved perfectly like a lady.



Please note the partially consumed banana goo on my forehead.


Anyway, the monkey forest was super boring, and none of us enjoyed it.



This asshole stole my chapstick out of the pocket of my backpack.



More monkeys!






Check out this photo Nathaniel got of a baby!!!  He needs his own blog!








AND this jerkface took my water bottle out of my pocket! And then he OPENED IT and drank from it!20170815-DSCF9916.JPG


This guy decided he loved Nathaniel and even though N had no bananas, he stayed with him for 5 minutes!



This little guy was holding Nathaniel's backpack strap like a tail.



After the monkey forest, we were all covered in banana goop, but that didn't stop us, we headed to the palace.

(here are some sights along the way)




We finally reached the Palace, but it turns out it is crazy under construction.






So off we went to our next stop. We grabbed our luggage and a driver (This time with air conditioning AND seat belts!) and off we went to our last hotel!





SO yeah, that was pretty awesome!!!!!


That night Nathaniel took us to a restaurant called "Gardin" which is sort of like eating in a fairy tale castle! It was gorgeous and the food was great too!




After that, we put the kids in their bedroom and had drinks IN THE POOL. IN THE POOL PEOPLE. IN THE DARK. It was pretty spectacular!  Definitely my favorite part of our vacation!

Right at the top of our street was a mosque across from a spa. At one point, I was having an amazing massage and the call to prayer was happening. I literally wept it was so amazing.

Ok! More to come.