Back to School!!!

Yesterday the kiddos started Grade 3 and Grade 5 at Nagoya International School!


Nothing like a 1/4 mile walk in the humidity to get the day started.


There bus stop friend arrived!


And they were off!! 


While they were gone, I did this.



And then had this with my good friend Jenny!


We went to the Elk Cafe in Sakae, and it was worth the 20 minute wait!! The food was amazing, and I was grateful for the company!  Every first day of school since Isaac started preschool, Nathaniel and I have had lunch together, but there just wasn’t a way to make that work yesterday.  I’m glad that Jenny was able to take time out of her busy day to celebrate with me!!!!


As much as I despise getting up at 6am, it really helps us to have a schedule!  I get up at 6am and have alone time with my coffee until 6:30 when the kids come downstairs.  I love that the kids can have breakfast with Nathaniel.  While they eat (I’m not a breakfast person at all) I make the kids lunches. Nathaniel leaves at 6:40. Then I do the dishes and the trash while they finish getting ready.  Once they’re ready to go, they have 20 minutes or so of electronics, and I hang the laundry and drink more coffee.  Then the kids leave at 7:30 for the bus! So then, my chores are done and the kids are off. I can use the morning as my “me” time since nothing opens until 10.


I’m working on an afternoon schedule that works for us, without using electronics to keep the kiddos entertained.  I had hoped it would be cooler now and they could go outside to play but it’s not looking good for us!


Today I battled with the printer for 30 minutes before giving up.  I have to print a bunch of school forms and fill them out and send them back in, but the printer doesn’t want to suck the paper in.  I was feeling fairly good about myself for getting the printer set up, but now that it won’t actually print, I’m sure it hates me.  Inanimate objects often dislike me.


So there’s that.  I’m still looking for reader questions or guest blogs! Let me know what you’ve got!