I Did It!!!!!!

When I first mentally composed this blog post earlier in the day, while angry driving from electronics stores to electronics store, I thought this would be a post about how I failed all day and couldn’t catch a break and oh woe is me because #japan.


But, thanks to a text message from my sister and a lunch with Christina and Zay, I picked myself back up and made it happen. BOOM BITCHES.


I’ll back up a bit.




First. I’ve made lunches.  2 days in a row.




And after lunch, Christina and I tried out a new bakery and I ate this most amazing thing.


I have no idea what it was, but it was like a pound cake with something tasty in the middle. It was so wonderful. I need to go back and get more. MORE MORE MORE.

(Also I got the kids a pretzel croissant for their lunches tomorrow! SHHH!)


And someone needed their mama today. A lot.  There was much watching of “Call the Midwife” and under the blankie snuggles, with teeth chattering (which is good) and even a little puddle of bunny drool on my chest. I loved it!



When it was time for the kids to have their 30 minutes of reading, and mine too, Baxter still couldn’t leave my side.


But the kids were happy too!


And Christina introduced me to this limited time soda at 7-11. It’s different than the one we get at Xmas time in the states, but SO SO DELICIOUS 



SO. The saga that put me in a bad mood was the MOTHER EFFING PRINTER AGAIN.  So last night, Nathaniel got the printer sucking in the paper, but alas, it was out of black ink. So armed with the empty cartridge I visited an electronics store. Where they didn’t have it. And on again to the THIRD store who told me they too didn’t have it. At this point I asked if there was another one that would work. But I asked in English, cause that’s a lot of words I don’t know in Japanese, and he told me no. He told me that this was one for America and they don’t sell it here. I even gestured to the whole wall of ink and said “Daijobi desu ka?” meaning “is this ok?” hoping for a Japanese equivalent of the ink cartridge. But it was not ok.


I texted Nathaniel and told him just what I thought of stupid ink and stupid printers. And he texted back (of course much later when work allowed) and he had found me the Japanese equivalent of the ink. Which I found, BY MYSELF at the store, and PUT IT IN THE PRINTER ON MY OWN. AND BOOM.


Feeling fortified with my success I decided to tackle the hose which has been sitting un-hooked up. You would think hooking  hose up wouldn’t be hard. . . but it turns out even hoses are different in Japan!! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get all the pieces together! Turns out what I needed to do was actually screw the blue part on and then everything else just pops into place! It’s super easy once you know how to do it!!!



I was quite proud of myself!! And like a true adult, I washed out my kitchen garbage can! (How often should one do this task?!?!?!!?!?!?)



SO because I’m an adult, we had Peanut Butter and Jelly for dinner.

And the kids and I had a lovely and lively conversation over dinner. It was a truly wonderful night!