Suddenly Saturday 

I’m not sure where the week went, or frankly where Saturday went.
We got a late start to the day because we had chores to do at home and then no motivation. Hahaha

We needed to go downtown and then in the opposite direction later so we opted to drive downtown instead of hoping the tube. (I met an British las today!)
Omg.  Never again.  It took forever to get to and from downtown. Plus parking was excruciating. Ugh.

We did catch a bit of a dance competition that was neat.


But the photographer  spent most of her time following us around. At least she was kind enough to offer to take our photo.

Let’s hope she does better with a real camera.
Rosie got hangry so we stopped for a French bite to eat.

In the shopping center there was an advertisement for the new Lego land here in Japan. That was pretty cool and the kids are excited to visit the actual display!

Then we headed to a store that is similar to target in the US. Although, clearly not as awesome.  I did get Baxter bunny a leash so look forward to an update on that when I managed to get it on his little bunny body.
I did not however by a slit pouch.

Nor did we buy these giant zip ties, but you can see from Isaac’s face that I threatened to use them.

That is some Fifty Shades of Grey nonsense!

Also AutoCorrect automatically capitalized Fifty Shades of Grey.
Excitingly, I was invited to go out with a group of moms tonight! My first real ladies night out in Japan!
We went to a restaurant called aloha table that clings to be Hawaiian. Having never been to Hawaii, I cannot comment on that. However, the food and company was really amazing!

Because of the strict zero tolerance for drinking and driving in Japan, I was happy to hop on my yellow line.  Plus the walk to and from the station was good to work off some of the mojitos.
I’m still really glad to be in Japan, but having happy moments also makes me miss sharing them with the people I love most.  I often see something or do something or hear something and think to myself “I wish I could tell so-and-so about this!”  And while modern technology has made that easier, there’s still quite a distance.  There is also a distinct possibility that my mojitos  have made me sad.
It felt really good to get out of the house and be a grown-up this evening! I’m very thankful to Nathaniel who encouraged me, nay, kicked me out of the house.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s explore Japan Sunday, and I hope you are too!

Feelings Friday (10) and furry friends 

I think we’re all feeling really good this week.  The weather is starting to warm up which helps all of us feel a bit better.  Most of our sea shipment is put away And we’re really in the swing of things.    Now that we have our schedule hashed out the kids have spring break next week.  Hahaha. Jokes on me.  At least I’ll get to sleep in.
There was a paperwork mishap this week, so between that and my birthday (which was fabulous) we had Nathaniel home by 7 every night which was lovely.  It got sorted today so he’s back to overtime next week but we felt good having dinner together every night.
The kids love their school but of course are looking forward to a week off.
Nathaniel seems to be enjoying his job too.
It feels like we’re *here*  now instead of living in limbo.  I had a long discussion today with an expat friend today about how it’s so hard to be away from friends and family because their likes go on too, but without us and that does weigh on my mind some. It’s also still really hard to be away from sushi Dog.     It was hard to have my birthday over here and be away from all my people.
So that’s now we feel.

Last night Baxter realized Nathaniel was on the couch and he wanted to be with him. I managed to capture a series of photos that show his excitement.

See how I’m still on the floor???


Ew.  (Look at hhs tongue!)

Baby bunny baths.

Of course I giggled at him and today he used Isaac as a launch pad and got himself back up there.  So now we have to train him to stay off the couch.

Of course he can come up if he wants snuggles.

Today I venture out with some friends (including one I met today!) to get some laser hair removal.  I mean, why not?
Here are the ways to to pick your hair removal.

It’s super cheap and I can go back every 3 months for one price!!!   The woman was a bit freaked out when I asked about my toes but I can’t help it. I’m a hairy American.   It didn’t hurt at all!!!!!
Oh. And the name of the place is “Be Escort”. So there’s that.
Tonight Baxter tried an apple.

Then he decided he should be on a platter.

So that’s it folks!  I’m looking forward to some rest this week. I’m worn out.

Nothing much to say 

Today was a great day again!  I attended a play group.  Yes, a playgroup for people with babies. Listen, I take my friends where I can get them.  And if they come with snuggly babies and sticky toddlers, then so be it.
Other than that I did housecleaning and bunny snuggling.    I did make my own laundry softener so I’ll let you know how that pans out. High five to Jenny for sharing her vinegar with me!
Baxter has really gotten good st getting back in the cage to do his business unless he can’t get to it. (Good thing I brought 2 bathrobes!).  He also is learning “go home” to get back in his cage when I need him to be locked up, like when we’re eating. But he also is really good at making me feel bad and letting him back out.

So not a lot to report but the next few days looks exciting so keep an eye out for that!

I’m Going on a Trip

And I’m bringing:
A bag of dicks.

Yup. That’s what I came home from today’s trip with.  You’re welcome.
I went with a bunch of ladies (I use this word loosely) to the Honen Matsuri which is a festival for fertility.  Or, if you’re an immature American like me, a dick a party.
Let’s be real. Even the Japanese people were giggling at the kids eating cock suckers. (See what I did there?)
First we walked to see the giant penis which is hand crafted each year.  If you want to have fertility, you touch it.  I did NOT touch it, though our tour guide tried to get us to kiss it.

Then we prayed at an alter of wangs.

We headed back to the parade area where there was a ceremonial fight over who had the biggest member.  I’m not sure anyone won.

Luckily there was free sake.

And my favorite part of every festival: food on a stick.

One of my most favorite things about this festival was the number of Japanese men who wanted to take our pictures.   We had a following every where we went.  Which is vile but also hilarious.  Groups of men would be taking our picture while we were taking each other’s photos.  It was very awkward.  But I figure if I see myself on the Japanese news at least I’ll be famous!

There were a number of vendeors selling phallic art work.

And a guy casually wearing a “fuck” hat.

Plus a cowboy.  Because what sausage party is complete without a cowboy?

Don’t forget the guy dresses as a dildo.

All kidding aside, it was a really amazing day.  There were women there who you know were just praying for a baby and I hope the festival helps them live that dream.

Then I came home to this dirty bunny.

Who turned into a playful bunny.  I couldn’t get a great video but he was having a blast when I was “booping” him.

He got really excited when the mail man came.

And then I got excited!!!!

Thanks Roberta!!!!!
So all in all today was amazing.  Ah.  Maze.  Ing.

Happy White Day!!

White Day is a holiday in Japan one month after Valentines’ Day.  On Valentines’ Day, the women shower the men in their life with gifts, and on White Day, the men return the favor, typically giving gifts that are white. Why? #becauseJapan

Baxter and I really took the day off to hang with each other because tomorrow I’ll be out of the house most of the day doing something SUPER exciting that you should all look forward to 😉

Baxter was really in to playing this morning, snuggles were NOT on his agenda.

He tried some leafy greens too!

And I got a video of his zoomies.

Eventually he got snoozy and I was able to “sling” him in a scarf while I did a little house work.

I planted some veggies today, we’ll see how that goes. . . I’m not sure why I have to punch my pot first, but I did just to be safe.

While Baxter was napping I got to looking for some mini skirts to wear over my leggings and got sucked down into a rabbit hole (BWAHAHAHAHAH) of bizarre “bottoms”.

Then it was dinner, bath and more bunny snuggles.

This little dude figured out where he comes out of his cage and got to begging after dinner to come out.  He may be little, but I think he’s particularly smart!

Look forward to tomorrow!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yes, yes, I know. I’m *FINALLY* 29.

Today I let Baxter experience some free time out of his Bunny Abode.  We quickly figured out that he was too short to go in and out on his home, so I used a little box to help him in and out.

Then a box came from Michigan thanks to my dear (almost) sister Caitlin!!!!!!!!

After that I headed over to Christina’s house for a haircut!




I was lucky to get some nice home made gifts too!

And cheesecakes!!!!!!

We had lunch at “our” Chinese place with our new friend Jenny!

After that I headed home to catch up on some of the Mt. Ironing. . .well Baxter played at my feet 😉  He’s loving being out of his cage.

Nathaniel came home and took us to an Indian restaurant just up the street called “Namaste” which I think means “Na, amma stay here and eat til I explode”. OMG SO GOOD.

And beautiful too!

We came home for more presents. Apparently Mr. Baxter Bunny was an improptu present at the END of the shopping trip so they’d already gotten me:

The slippers you sweep with. (I will use these and report back!) –Nathaniel

Chopsticks–Rosie (super pretty!)

A water bottle holder–Isaac (ALL THE RAGE HERE!)

And bumbadadum!!! Nathaniel bought me the giraffe we saw at a recycle shop on our home finding trip!!!!! I love him and he will go in my front entry as soon as I figure out how to recycle the boxes that are currently living there.

Not to be outdone, my in-laws sent me a SHARK BLANKET!! Not just *any* shark blanket, but one I’d eyed over Xmas on Tybee at a darling little shop made by a woman and her aunt! YAY!!

Then, because I hadn’t eaten enough today, we had Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cake which Nathaniel had his coworker order for me.

The tiny bit I ate was delicious!

And Baxter gave me poops.

Good night every body!!  Thanks for all the emails, texts and Facebooks!

Explore Japan Sunday (8)

Last night Nathaniel and I went out with our friends Paul and Mun.  We took them to our charcoal place and sat on the tatami mat to enjoy delicious food and drinks with great company.   Afterwards we had ice cream at our house where we have furniture!!!!!!

We got a slow start to the morning because well. . .


Waking up together.

Even bunnies love comfort canyon.

Selfie fail.

He was “doing emails”

Then he had to snuggle Rosie.

He even gave Nathaniel a mini snuggle.

Eventually we put him in his home and headed out to Nakamura Koen to see a ceremony at a Shinto shrine.

The kids were not thrilled.
But here is a good article explaining the different parts of a Shinto shirne that we found helpful in figuring out what was happening.

The ceremony started with a parade in of the members of the shrine.

They prayed and then there was a ceremony of shooting arrows.

The shrine itself was absolutely beautiful.   The Sakura (cherry) and ume (plum) blossoms smelled amazing.  I’ve never smelled a tree so fragrant and sweet.

When the ceremony was over we lined up for fresh rice cakes.  I’m not sure what the deal is exactly with these ceremonial rice cakes but they taste awful.  The kids were not impressed.

Then we went to a Buddhist shrine.

It turns out this shrine was constructed from extras from the construction of the Nagoya castle.

Nathaniel even held still for a photo of us together.

You can tell he’s thrilled.

After this we left the children at the playground and went investigating the rest of a large park which included more shrines, a large pond with turtles and some beautiful bird.  It’s absolutely crazy how these parks incthe middle of a big city can feel so nature-y

Of course we were gone longer than the kids expected and they wandered off to look for us which meant I couldn’t find them and I panicked.  Turns out they were panicking too.  So we had a nice long talk about staying put.

Leaving the area we saw this giant tori gate!

On the train home we saw my dad’s Japanese double.


We also saw a guy who had to be 7 feet tall.

Then it was homeward bound for baths, bunny snuggles, dinner and bed.  The kids clearly didn’t get enough sleep this weekend and their attitudes were showing it.
After nachos I took my bath and Baxter and I sat down to write this blog.   I swear I was dressed in the middle of the day.

Ps.  When you put a bunny in your pocket you end up with a pocket full of poops.

Hello Baxter!!

So originally I was thinking today was going to be boring.

I picked Isaac up from his sleep over and he had a blast.  He had a lot to say but it was all about video games and blah blah blah.  But morale of the story is that he had a blast.

Nathaniel got Rosie’s foot board with shelves put together and finished the kitchen cart.  So everything is put together now.  Finally.
Then I reorganized my clothes which had been haphazardly thrown into drawers.

See thrilling?
So I took a nap.

And I woke up to this for my birthday.

You guys.  Nathaniel got me a bunny.   For my birthday.  Without me there to persuade him.

So this is Baxter.

Snuggle bunnies.

He’s perfect.

He’s tiny.
Pocket sized even.

So that was Saturday.   I’d say more but I have a bunny to snuggle.

Feelings Friday (9)

OUR HOUSE IS A HOME!!!!!!!!  That’s how I feel.  It’s still a bit chaotic n places while we wait for the finishing touches to be done by Nathaniel and me but it feels so much more like a home now. I have a comfy couch to sit and drink my coffee. A warm and amazing bed to think about the coffee I will drink. And many more pairs of pajamas to drink my coffee in. It’s home now!

Overall, I think we’re feeling pretty high this week. Clearly the highlight of our week was receiving our sea shipment and it’s made for an awesome rest of the week. The kids are rediscovering their toys and clothing which makes everyone happy because we can spread out a little.

The fourth bedroom (labeled D during the move in) is going to be a “mom cave”. Hopefully this weekend we can move the computer into that room and I can watch my shows on that when I don’t want to be with the kiddos in the main room. I have Nathaniel’s recliner in there for now! It can also hold overflow guest with a futon.

Even Nathaniel seems more animated this week!  I think one thing that has been lacking here is something for him to “do” around the house when he is home besides watching TV. In the states, he would often have a project, building something, power washing something, tinkering on a car, SOMETHING.  And here there isn’t so much of a chance for that.  This weekend though I for sure have projects I need done, so he can feel more involved. Lucky him 😉

Today I did 2 loads of laundry, which is a feat. I started one on a delay to be done over night and ready this morning, which I hung up before  7am and then promptly started another one. We have a bit of a back log with linens etc, so I have to do something. Our washer only holds 8kg of laundry. A typical US washer holds between 16 and 20kgs. . . so you can see that I’m a bit limited.

I got to FaceTime with my parents this morning which was lovely.  It’s hard to not have my family close.

Then I took myself back to the doctor for a prescription refill and a lung check up.  I asked them to refill my anxiety medication for 90 days like they do in the states but he told me “not possible” and gave me 30 days this time. So it’s an improvement but seriously, I have to go back to the doctor EVERY TIME I need a refill.  He told me my lungs sound much better, though not completely healed and to keep it up!

Then I took myself to Costco, all by myself, on the toll road! I only took like 4 wrong turns. . .and then discovered that my in car navi had the wrong address.  I was getting off the toll road and saw Costco and the Navi (which uses phone number to locate places) took  me in a different direction.  I followed it for a few km before I turned around and found my own way there. It was definitely not taking me the right way!

Still no sour cream, but they were sampling wine:

Of course, I couldn’t have any because I drove, so I wanted to get a kebab sample.

But there were like 30 people in line for it. So I Skipped it. Basically Costco in Japan is always SWAMPED. CRAZY TOWN BUSY.

I wanted, as Brook said, a hot wiener, but that was even busier!

I took myself to the full service gas station because I couldn’t fathom having to think about using a gas machine in my wildly overstimulated state.  Then I  came home and took a nap. I was seriously BEAT from Costco. However, on the way home I didn’t make a single wrong turn and I opened the correct window every time for tolls!!
Of course it rained while I was gone since I had 2 loads out drying.

My Birthday present from my in-laws arrived today, but I have to wait until Monday to open it!

We also got some other mail.

Here is a guy who is shamed because his wifi is too slow. I think. . . .

And something is happening tomorrow with palm reading:

And very serious business:

And PIZZA!!!

I bought little baby Camembert cheeses so I had this for lunch.

Tasty wasabi shrimp crackers too!

Isaac has a 4th grade sleep sleepover tonight so Rosie and I got pizza and watched Grease Live on Netflix.

Luckily I was prepared for our evening

Rosie has declared this “her best night” so that makes me happy.
Let’s see if she still thinks that when I put her to bed.

So sleepy. . .

I have worked so hard all day on this house, and it feels so good!!!   Things are really coming together.  I got the rest of Rosie’s clothes hung up, all of Nathaniel’s clothes put away, and the rest of Isaac’s clothes put away (which I didn’t know were there! whoops!)

I figured out how to use the new vacuum and then I used it, so that was fun.

I spent a lot of the day sorting Rosie’s toys. All of Rosie’s toys involve eleventy billion small pieces.  I had carefully sorted them by item and put them in plastic bins before they were packed but somehow they got opened during transit.  So eleventy billion pieces, times forty trillion types, in 2 huge boxes.  So I spent a LONG LONG time separating them. And Netflix, YES I AM STILL WATCHING. DON’T JUDGE ME.

I put on my new LLR pants that I got here, all the way in Japan! I’ve been looking for them since I first saw them, on a person who I almost mugged, months ago!

And then I put on these socks. . .#becausejapan

I went to the grocery store for some supplies and because I love you guys, I got lunch there instead of my bun (which I learned they call Niku Mann) from the Kombini (convenience store)

OMG. YUM. And so much food for 398 yen!

I also tried this wicked weird juice:

It was called “sour juice” but it was also creamy tasting. Very odd, but delicious.

And since I could:


Nathaniel found some kitchen tools hidden in the giant socks box. I found all the towels! PRAISE THE TOWEL GODS. Towels in Japan are. . . small.   I found all the throw blankets too so I can be warm! And 2 hockey pucks. CAUSE THOSE WERE IMPORTANT.

We got a new hedgehog for the living room family.

Nathaniel loves me. Or he is scared of me.  One of those.

So while it wasn’t a terribly exciting day from a blog reader stand point, it felt really good to me! I have my nightstand now and all my shoes.

Tomorrow Isaac is staying overnight at school again and Rosie and Nathaniel and I are having a pizza, arts and crafts and movie night. And my girl asked for popcorn for dinner, so we know she’s legitimately mine 😉

I’m debating more work on the house tomorrow, or a trip to costco for cheese. . . it’s hard to be me.